Themes or topics of the art in our Virtual Museum

The collection includes works that are either useful or decorative and that in one way or other are related to different activities in the life of the human groups for which they were made. While this is true of early works in many societies, the relationship also holds in later production of Folk Art and Crafts produced for the market of collectors and other outsiders who purchase these objects for themselves or for re-sale. We watch with concern as newer works become degraded under the influence of industrial civilization and ultimately become cheap commodities that have lost their connections.


Saints and devils, ceremonies and celebrations.

Objects that depict scenes of daily life and people at work.

Ghosts and witch-craft, dances and masks.

Useful objects or just pretty.

About the images

All pictures in the Virtual Museum belong to the Stastny Folk Art and Crafts Foundation.We post images of good quality because we do not enjoy images that are too small or of too low resolution to allow appreciation of the objects that are reproduced. In the future, prints of high quality of many of these photographs will be available for purchase. If you copy these images designed for the web, please indicate they were obtained from the Stastny Folk Art and Crafts Foundation website. Also, send us a message to let us know and tell us what they will be used for. Thank you for your interest.