Drawing of Art Center Building

Architect Jerry Karlovich has produced a very pretty drawing of the building he has designed for the Art Center. It is displayed on the Foundation website. 


Purchase of Art Center Land.

The Stastny Folk art and Crafts Foundatio has purchased two acres of commercial property in the Heath City Town Center for the development of an Art Center. The address of the new site is 200 Hubbard Drive, Heath, Texas 75032.


Site Plan for Art Center approved by City

The Heath City Council has approved the site plan for the Stastny Art Center to be built at the intersection of Hubbard Drive and Larry Drive in the Town Center of Heath, Rockwall County, TX.


Purchase of stone to make a sign

A large stone was purchased and stone carver Greg Brown was asked to inscribe it with the Art Center Logo.


Temporary Sign for the Art Center

Artist/designer Lou Kregel has offered to create a temporary sign for the Art Center. It will be painted on wood.

Temporary Sign Installed

The sign was painted on a sheet of plywood and has been installed facing Hubbard Drive. We hope the neighbors will take notice.



Fundraising drive to commence

We are getting ready for some serious fundraising. A request for donations is being incorporated into these web pages. And a page has been created on Facebook. Accepting credit cards, to make it easier to contribute, is being considered. Contributions to the Stastny Folk Art and Crafts Foundation are tax-deductible.


High quality photographs to be sold here

Photographs of objects of Folk Art and Crafts will be sold from this website as part of the fund-raising effort. All of the proceeds will go towards furnishing the Art Center in Heath, TX. The architectural plans include three spaces for workshops. One will be devoted to ceramics and possibly wood work. Another may house a loom and work with textiles. The third will probably be devoted to photography and graphic arts.